7 reasons why you MUST use telemarketing this summer

4th July 2017

Hit the ground running for Q4. We all know sales can be a rollercoaster! Make sure you put in maximum effort to line up as many leads as you can ahead of Q4. Also, don’t forget that the new calendar year isn’t THAT far away so decision makers will be putting plans in place already.

Speak to more senior decision makers. Yes, it’s true that many people holiday over the summer. However, you will have a greater chance of speaking with senior contacts, who tend to “hold the fort” whilst the rest of the team are away. This means that the number of successful calls with decision makers can increase over this period, giving you a greater opportunity to close the sale.

Review time. Plenty of businesses use the summer months to review their budget. A well-timed call could see you become part of their plans. Also, it will help with that all-important BANT lead qualification! Test and measure. If you’re waiting to target Q4 or January 2018 for a sales drive, use this time to test and measure the campaign. Find out what works, what doesn’t, tweak, then call again until you’re happy that you’ll be ready for your launch date.

Get feedback/surveys/market research. Take the opportunity to obtain feedback from your clients and target market. This insight can prove invaluable for shaping future products and marketing campaigns. You’d be surprised at how your clients will be willing to help you, plus, a phone call provides the perfect platform for them to be open and forthcoming with their feedback.

Book people to attend your event in Q4. There’s nothing worse than going to all that effort and expense to put on an event, and have no one turn up! Get in early with calls over the summer months, and increase the chances of your delegates attending.

Don’t lose momentum! You’ve worked hard all year to nurture and grow your pipeline. Don’t miss out by taking your foot off the gas! Also, consider outsourcing your telemarketing to provide cover for your sales team. What better way to welcome them back after their summer holiday than with a big fat pot of leads!

Remember: Many businesses fall into the trap of writing off summer as a chance to generate business, often at their peril. The market moves quickly and the last thing you want is to be chasing lost leads in the autumn, wondering what could have been!

If you want guidance on your telemarketing or you are considering outsourcing, visit ppitch.co.uk or call us on 01483 422 998 and speak to our sales team.

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