A Big Thank You to Sophie and Welcome to Tom and Tom

20th October 2017

Wonderful news about Sophie who has secured a prestigious global position in the media and financial services sector.

This is to let you know that Sophie Shrubsole will be leaving Westminster Business Council at the end of October.

Sophie has done a fantastic job at WBC for the last 6 years plus and her career has progressed significantly with us.

WBC owes Sophie a huge debt of gratitude for all she has done and is proud of her success.

We are delighted for Sophie that she will now be building on this with her next job and we wish her well in her new role.

The WBC team is Barry Tucker as Chairman, myself as CEO, Tom Smith, Business Development Officer and Tom Roycroft, Marketing and Social Media Officer.

Tom Smith, known as Smithy, is responsible for business engagement and events and Tom Roycroft for marketing and social media.



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We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic people to join WBC. So please get in touch if you know anyone who would enjoy working with us.

We look forward to seeing you at future events.


Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt, CEO, Westminster Business Council

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