Apprenticeships Myth Busting Breakfast

5th December 2018

Apprenticeships are grabbing headlines at the moment, but do you actually know what an apprenticeship qualification involves? And do you have an idea of what kind of role an apprentice could fill in your organisation?

Westminster Business Council partnered with Whitehat on Wednesday 5th December for a tasty breakfast and informative panel discussion, where we'll set out to bust some of the most common myths surrounding apprenticeships. We'll be discussing:

-The different ways in which apprenticeship training can be delivered and what kinds of content is covered

-The job roles that apprentices can fill

-How best to support an apprentice on the programme

-Wage expectations, hiring cycles and progression pathways

-Apprenticeships as a powerful method of addressing the UK's growing skills gap

Attendees heared from industry experts, HR professionals and current apprentices themselves on their top tips for implementing a successful apprenticeship programme.

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