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4th April 2017

Westminster Business Council's commitment is to offer businesses around London the opportunity to develop the right connections and access to the information they need to continue developing and growing.

We understand that ideal conditions must exist for businesses to flourish in a competitive economy like ours. We know this from paying close attention to the businesses we have been working with for the past ten years. Issues such as the Skills Gap Crisis, Funding and of course, broadband, are regularly raised but, unfortunately, rarely appropriately addressed.

That is why Westminster Business Council puts its effort towards finding companies which provide the answer to such problems. The connections that are made out of this work and the businesses we see flourishing as a result of it means success not only for us but, most importantly, for the business community.

We are proud to have brought together experienced speakers to address the topic of broadband. With the support of local MP, Mark Field, Westminster Business Council is bringing the topic of fast broadband to the fore of business conversations.

While Members of Parliament have been working on the Digital Economy Bill, WBC brought together the businesses which are working to both help you understand and comply with the new legislation as well efficiently provide fast broadband.

Emma Humphreys, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, outlined the future implications of the Digital Economy Bill, which is expected to give citizens the right to request a minimum 10Mbps broadband connection.

The importance of such Bill is highlighted by Charles Russell Speechlys' own 'New Real' report. This highlighted the need for more collaboration between property developers and the tech industry as 69% of developers see the need to upgrade existing building stock to keep up with technology advances.

While Charles Russell Speechlys provided the legal framework of the Digital Economy Bill with a focus on how Property Developers need to keep an eye out for the legislation, Community Fibre's Tim Stranack made evident the value of super fast broadband to the property industry.

Community Fibre, which is successfully providing real fibre speed of up to 1,000Mbps to residents in Westminster and Battersea, proved CRS's 'New Real' correct by demonstrating the value they add to property once fast and reliable broadband is guaranteed.

The sentiment was reflected by audience members, residents and property developers alike. Community Fibre is clearly the right broadband provider for land owners looking to increase property value.

We hope audience members had a pleasant evening and will be ready to make full use of the future legislation once it is implemented with the help of Charles Russell Speechlys and Community Fibre.

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