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21st February 2019

WBC has partnered with Falguni Desai a Business Growth Specialist with Action Coach to give members the chance to listen to Falguni take you through the proven to work Action Coaching formula with the addition of her own knowledge and expertise. This will be over a continental breakfast with tea and coffee provided by Aster.

Falguni helps local businesses grow by using a “6 Step” System which is very structured and will show results within 6 months. The System she uses is tried and tested and has been developed over 25 years. There is a 100% money back guarantee if results are not achieved within 6 months.

The breakfast seminar is designed to take you through the “6 Step” System in 90 minutes and give you an understanding of how the implementation of it (or parts of it) could benefit your business. All businesses operate within their own framework and the aim of the System is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and see which areas you can improve.

This event is for Business Owners who are looking to expand their established business.

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8:30 am - 10:30 am


150 Victoria Street


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