Research Report: Organisations prioritise investment in technology over people development

1st December 2017

Organisations prioritise investment in technology over people development.

Technology is revolutionising the way almost every business operates, from improving safety and efficiencies in the manufacturing industry to facilitating earlier and more accurate medical diagnosis. This is not new. What is new however, is the pace at which this new wave of robotics, A.I and automation has the potential to significantly impact all business areas. But is it something to fear? Should we believe the reports that we will ultimately be replaced by technology? Or will the future be one where technology enhances the roles of employees? And if so, how prepared are UK businesses for the future world of work.

In a recent independent survey of 1000 employees and managers ,INTOO  found that despite 84% of respondents being confident that their role would be carried out by humans in the future; there was acknowledgement from both parties – over 50% of managers and a third of employees – that the skills they would need for the future would change. However, 75% of organisations appear to be prioritising investment in technology over people development.

Commenting on the findings, INTOO’s Tim Morton ““Far from the recent Armageddon headlines, this research suggests that,  despite the advent of Artificial intelligence, big data, automation and robotics, people will continue to have an intrinsic role to play in business success.“Alarmingly though, even with acknowledgement from managers and employees that they do not believe they have the skills that will be required by their organisations in the future, many UK organisations are currently prioritising investment in technology over people development. There is a careful balance organisations need to tread, investing in technology in areas that will help propel their business forward, but always ensuring that they take their people along with them.


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