St Andrew’s Club: A pillar of the Westminster Community.

25th January 2017

Westminster Business Council is glad to introduce St Andrew's Club to our dear members.

St Andrew's Club is the world's oldest youth club. It now celebrates 150 years of essential support for young people in Westminster through a range of entertaining activities. Spread over a three storey, purpose built premises, they offer something for everyone – from archery to music production, cookery to chess, capoeira to fashion, health and beauty courses, karate to arts and crafts. These are all fun and participative activities provided to those from ages of 5 to adulthood.

The mission of the club is to develop the knowledge, attitude and skills of each young person, supported by trained youth workers. A particular area of focus is also on citizenship education.

The Westminster community has benefited from the Club since 1866. In 1984 it moved to its current premises in 12 Old Pye Street. Its original site was in Market Street, Soho. St Andrew's Club provides unparalleled activities for children from deprived estates to socialise and learn essential skills. Despite appearances, 14% of Westminster’s neighbourhoods are in the top 10% most deprived in the country looking at income alone. The club also provides an amazing service in reflecting the diversity that exists among Westminster residents.

Keeping children off the streets and providing them with real progress opportunities in a welcoming and diverse environment helps prevent isolation among young people. This is an issue closely associated with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety which currently acts as a dangerous obstacle to many people's future goals and achievements. To see a youth club offering real opportunities to deliver change, therefore,  makes Westminster Business Council proud to be part of such community.

Members have a progression path like no other. By being encouraged to become volunteers, then staff, they develop they develop their employability skills and thus give back to the community themselves as the business community has a wider access pool of skilled individuals. Youth workers at the club pay close attention to the young members to realise everyone's full potential. Therefore, everyone plays their greatly significant part at the club.

How can your business support St Andrew's Club?

As businesses develop in Westminster, strong communities follow such path. Westminster Business Council encourages all of our members to find ways to get involved with this amazing youth club. We are certain that this is a two-way street and the support that you give to St Andrew's Club is returned to you and your business as you invest in the development of soft skills among young people in Westminster. Businesses in this area, more than anywhere else, must consider this as we look towards our future workforce.

Westminster Business Council has been involved in important conversations with businesses across London regarding the skills gap crisis. We have found that attitude to work ranks at the top of many businesses' concerns when it comes to this issue. More than qualification and certificates, employers are looking after a real drive to work coming from young employees. One way you can help the development of soft skills among young people and received real financial value for it is by supporting the work provided by St Andrew's Club.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved with them:


Westminster Business Council is looking forward to working with St Andrew's Club as we develop local businesses and strong communities.

If you have any questions about the club you can contact Annette at

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