Excellent (and useful) event today – good networking, too.

I will be following up with at least 3 of the businesses I met today – putting them in touch with potential clients/ partners.

-- Red Tape Consulting

Pat Shroff, Red Tape Consulting

As a direct result of attending an event called Westminster Meet the Buyer that was arranged by WBC, our Practice has won over £500K additional turnover in the last two years.

We have been able to build ongoing relationships with two Major organisations who both work directly with Westminster City Council: City West Homes are their Social Housing ALMO and we have worked with them on a variety of refurbishment projects ranging from concept designs through to surveys and tender packages for existing estates. Through an OJEU tender we are part of their Framework Agreement for the Community Build project which aims to deliver 600 new homes in Westminster over the next 3-5 years. Bouygues UK are WCC's partner to deliver the Building Schools for the Future programme. Initially providing on site support in the construction phase of St Marylebone School, we are now working with the Bouygues UK team to provide architectural services for the refurbishment of four more secondary schools in Westminster.

We really appreciate that WBC has created this opportunity allowing us to grow the business, employ more people and offer more to our customers. It is especially satisfying as architects to be working on social housing and education projects which directly impact our own local community too. Given the current economic environment we think this is good news all round!

Fiona Clark, Practice Director, David Miller Architects

You should be considering the event as a triumph – a wonderful venue, friendly hosts, entertaining guests and plenty to eat and drink.

Emma Wheeler, Head of Content, Charles Russell Speechlys

"Clearly WBC has carved out a very good role delivering on a range of networking and development opportunities. Connections – Intelligence – Growth is an apposite summary of what you’re delivering"

Jane Biddell, Head of Marketing, Fox Williams LLP

Westminster Business Council works tirelessly to improve the connections needed by businesses around the capital. Our commitment is to see them grow and develop by making use of our various services such as mentoring programs, intelligence provision and networking events.

At Westminster Business Council, we are proud of our achievements and we want to share these with potential clients looking for inspiration to be a member of our team. We deeply value the input of our clients and we are always looking to act on their testimonials to better adapt our services to their needs. Read from our clients themselves their personal experience with Westminster Business Council:

City of Westminster is a fantastic place to set up a company and to do business. An eclectic network of businesses around Soho and Covent Garden in the creative and technology sectors mirrors the culture of west coast USA. To this intoxicating cocktail is now added Westminster Business Council with their political and business contacts, networking, events and support. This provides a potent catalyst to a mix that is already fizzing with energy. It is hardly surprising then that Westminster Businesses Council, like Venus, are thriving with this level of support.

Brian Iddon, Venus

I attended Westminster Business Council's event, 'An Evening with Lord Bilimoria'. It was my first attendance at a WBC event and I know I'll be back for more.

The hospitality was excellent and the hosts were vigilant to make introductions and help people connect. At the end of the working day, the WBC event combined ample time to network either side of an engaging and inspiring presentation from a leader in his field. Thank you WBC!

Roz Scott, Owner, Roz Scott Copywriting

"I would highly recommend the WBC team to forward thinking and growing organisations looking to develop their market position."

“I’d like to thank you for the event, truly superb and a great networking opportunity”

Simon Fordham, Serial Entrepreneur

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Westminster Business Council, for all their help and support in everything we do. If you are a business looking to grow or make the right kind of contacts Westminster Business Council is the group to be a member of.

You don’t have to be a Westminster business to join them but you do have to be ready to learn, laugh and grow your company! Try attending one of their events, you will be amazed at the contacts you make. I know I have been. Well done Westminster Business Council, for doing it right!”

Sharon Salmon, Business Development Director, Node4

I’ve had the great pleasure of attending several networking events held by Westminster Business Council and I’ve been impressed every time. Elizabeth and Sophie are wonderful hosts and their approach works on every level.

There’s always a diverse and interesting range of organisations represented, with a clearly defined purpose leading to great introductions and interesting conversations. Elizabeth and Sophie combine professionalism with a genuine ‘personal touch’, which creates a dynamic and welcoming ambience. This along with their fabulous venues adds to the overall magic.

Rachel Calder, Owner, First Potential

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