Why you should use telemarketing to sell your corporate space

20th July 2017

As anyone with a London venue to hire knows, there’s nothing worse than missing out on a sale!

But did you know that the answer could be sitting on your desk?

When done properly, telemarketing is a cost-effective way to secure clients and provide a healthy pipeline across the year.

One call from a professional telemarketer can gain you the name of the decision maker, their plans for staff events such as Christmas and away days, and who they are using currently to meet this requirement.

Telemarketing’s flexibility means it can work in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy. If you have an offer across your social media, on your website or in a local business magazine, a call to reinforce this can pay dividends.

Furthermore, a targeted email campaign which includes the offer, coupled with a well-timed follow up call, can open the door to a sale.

It would be remiss to expect every call to lead to a sale there and then – although it can happen! Rather, telemarketing functions well as a way of arranging qualified appointments with decision makers and a chance to grow your pipeline.

Act now! The new quarter is just around the corner and the inevitable battle with your London competitors to win clients for Christmas parties is already under-way! If you want some guidance or are interested in outsourcing telemarketing, visit ppitch.co.uk or call 0207 871 2913 and ask for Ben.

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