Ben Hughes Memorial Fund

Supporting London's Young Adults Through Education
& Employement Opportunities

Who is Ben Hughes

Ben was the Vice Principal of Pearson Collage for seven years and involved in Higher Education for a further ten years. Ben was passionate about giving students and young adults from all backgrounds the very best opportunities to enhance their skills and to connect with industry to learn on the job. Ben was tragically killed in 2018, but his spirit lives on in all those students who grasp opportunities and turn them into valuable life experiences.


2020 and the fallout from the global pandemic has affected us all in a negative way. For many students and young adults this has been a disastrous time. Their studies have been interrupted, their exams cancelled, and the future of job opportunities remains very uncertain. Now more than ever, we need to support the next generation.

How Westminster Business Council will Help in 2021?


Wesminster Business Council is raising money for the Fund.

Here are our exciting plans showing how we will deliver for students and young adults across Westminster.


Dragons Den

Students or young adults with a side hustle and possibly that next great business idea, will be invited to pitch for inverstment. They may need to buy a piece of software or build a website for example and some funding will help that next step of the business come to fruition.

Students will be invited to competitively pitch for small amount of money and let our panel of business experts know what they wish to do with their investment and how it will benefit the business. Those that successfully pitch will also be assigned a mentor to help them with their exciting side hustle.


Work Experience

WBC will work with our network to find work experience opportunities. The fund will help to pay young adults the London Living Wage to attend and complete their work experince placement be that virtually or in a physical workplace. Employers will be asked to give feedback that will support the development of the young adult involved.


The Life Skills Academy

WBC is creating a Life Skills Academy - a series of virtual interactive workshops for young adults to improve soft skills, including:

  • Communications skills
  • Pitching and presenting skill
  • Making yourself heard
  • Financial education
  • Giving feedback to colleagues
  • Productivity tools
  • Financial education
  • Write a greate CV
  • Interview techniques
  • 5

    The Outcomes

    By the end of 2021, Westminster Business Council will have:

  • Found and facilitated 1,000 work experience placements
  • Have financially supported 25 student businesses and provided those individuals with a mentor
  • Provided at least 1,000 students with access to practical life skills through our academy to help them on the path to finding employement
  • How You & Your Business Can Make a Difference


    Work Experience

    Can you provide some virtual or physical work experience? WBC will recruit someone to help your business.

    Perhaps you have a particular project you need help with? A student could help your business and gain valuable experience.


    Life Skills Academy

    Could you or someone in your company deliver a session as part of our Life Skills Academy?

    Could you talk to young adults about your industry, the challenges of working in your industry, your top tips and advice?



    Every penny we raise will go towards supporting young adults with access to training, work experience and job opportunities. Whatever you can give will be fantastic, but here are some examples of how we will thank you for your kind donation and what difference it will make.

    Donate - Tier 1


  • Your company name & logo on the WBC Website as a supporter of the Ben Hughes Memorial Fund
  • Your company name & logo on the annual report reviewing all the success stories of the past year
  • Donate - Tier 2


  • Everything in Teir 1, Plus:
  • Quarter page promotional advert in the digital brochure showcasing the Ben Hughes Memorial Fund
  • Opportunity to attend an evening soiree where the successful Dragons Den participants showcase their business and other young adults tell us how the programmes have supported them
  • Donate - Tier 3


  • Everything in Teir 1 & 2, Plus:
  • Opportunity to sit on a Dragons Den panel to asses applications and determine the worthy recipents
  • Full page promotional advert in the digital brochure showcasing the Ben Hughes Memorial Fund
  • Digital advertising on the WBC website
  • Donate More?


  • Let's have a conversation about how you and your business can shape the impact the Ben Hughes Memorial Fund has.
  • How will our donation make a difference?

    WBC will write to you regularly with updates on the number of young adults helped as a result of your donation and the examples of success stories we can share


    will support one young adult gain valuable work experience


    will provide 500 young adults with access to our Life Skill Academy


    will support the creation of a new start-up business

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