At the heart of WBC’s operations is a desire to support our local community.  Be that through work shadowing, experience and internships, apprenticeships or other developmental opportunities for students or those seeking support, WBC plays its part, and we encourage our partners to do so also.

Why do we do this? Because Westminster despite appearances is one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs.  Child poverty is staggeringly high, ranked the 6th worst borough in the UK.

Membership of WBC is an investment not only in your business but the local community too.

Our recent community impact has included:

  • Delivering a key project to help address the digital skills deficit, by offering 40 people the opportunity to learn to code and become web developers.
  • Finding and operating work experience for FE students, Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College.
  • Working with and promoting local Charities operating in Westminster such as - St Andrews Youth Club, Young Westminster Foundation, Social Mobility Foundation, Age Concern Westminster, DanceWorks, InDeep.
  • More than 200 hours of support for young people in developing key networking and presentation skills through our Young Professionals Network.
  • Over £10,000 raised for Westminster charities last year and promotional support for other charities across London.
  • Designed and delivered bespoke introductions to corporates to connect partners with a range of charities to help highlight the range of volunteering opportunities.
  • Run several events to highlight the positive impact that apprenticeships can make on the growth of businesses and the impact of the Levy.


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