Battlefield Tours to France and Belgium

20th April 2017

"Over by Christmas", that is what they said.  But the Great War of 1914 - 1918 would be a defining time in global history, shaping the way in which the world would evolve in the years to come.  Vast European empires broke apart, millions would lose their lives and many more had to live with the consequences of war.

Sophie's Great War Tours explores the lives of men and women as they embarked for the continent.  Jump into history as we walk through original trenches, see the fortifications that armies fought for, and gain an understanding of what life was like for those playing their part in the Great War.
Sophie's Great War Tours is a family-run bespoke tour operator, creating exceptional trips to battlefields and other historical sites in northern France and Belgium.  With an end to end service, we take care of all your needs including transfers from the UK, travel in Europe and accommodation.

The Offer

  • 10% off a battlefield tour (two days or more only)


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