Mind Re-Training, Harley Street Hypnotherapy

28th March 2017


About Mind Re-Training

For many, regular wellbeing hypnosis increasingly forms a part of their personal wellbeing programme for good physical and mental health, like a ‘massage for the mind’.

Our permanent Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic is popular with business owners and VIPs, known for the high-quality ‘Club Class’ hypnosis experience we provide.

The Offer

For WBC members - special offer of 15% off Hypnosis for Wellbeing. These sessions promote well-being, positivity and a successful mindset in your life and business. Our unique Advanced Hypnosis uses the Neurosphere® sensory chamber which makes for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, giving a powerful wellbeing boost to take back into your daily life.

For lots more information about how it works, click the link below:”


Terms and Conditions 

Call us on 0207 125 0074 and make it known that you are a member of Westminster Business Council to take advantage of the offer

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